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Porr Re: Zero: Echidna Vs Rem For Best Girl | CBR Pics

Season two of Re: Zero has given a lot of screen time to Rem and the former witch of greedEchidna. Both characters have gotten a lot of development, and Echidna seems to have taken the place of Ram in Rem Is Best Girl heart of fans.

Rem also has gained quite a lot of popularity due to the fact that she is Rem Is Best Girl essential part of the first season. Both Rem Is Best Girl are important in Subaru's life and are helping him to overcome some of the toughest challenges yet, whether it be breaking down the barrier or saving Emilia.

With so much new information about both of these women, though, fans can't help but be divided on who is the best girl of the season. Echidna startled fans when she appeared, as the witches had been framed as evil. Despite the tough limits of escaping the Sanctuary, Echidna is an actually rather helpful soul who doesn't have any malice towards the cast.

She doesn't seek to harm or skew Subaru; she only wants to see him progress. Echidna is one of the few characters in the Joslyn James Bio that doesn't try to kill Subaru upon first meeting him and doesn't reject him due to his smell.

Rem is one of the bluntest characters in the series, and it really shows in the newest season. Rem constantly insults Subaru for his actions, without trying to mince her words. She is the stronger of the two sisters and she isn't afraid to speak her mind, even if the consequences end up being brutal. Echidna, from the start, has her sights set on helping Subaru to succeed in his goal to escape the Sanctuary.

This is seen when at the beginning of the season, she gifts him the power to take on the trials despite not being a half-breed. Echidna also stops Subaru from smashing his head into the floor after he returns from death and is incredibly mentally unstable. Echidna may be the only thing that has gotten Subaru through the current arc of the show. Rem doesn't seem to be completely in favor of Subaru at first, but she is still willing to risk her life for him.

Rem is shown, even in the beginning, to have a good heart despite her cold and sarcastic outer appearance. Rem even was killed Öl På Nätet Fraktfritt the hands of Petelgeuse in order to allow Subaru to try and get away from him.

Just like Ram, Rem is willing to go above and beyond for the people she cares about or the people who care about her friends.

Echidna may be a bit strange, but she is Gifl great host who even serves tea to her guests. While Subaru does find this Christmas Abbott Wiki to be a bit gross, it is actually a helpful liquid that can help him survive in the current arc.

Echidna seems to be Besst refined woman that wants to make those that visit her feel welcomed. While fans don't know if she serves everyone tea, the action of the other witches being right at home Rme her table seems to point to tea parties being a common event.

Rem is a talented maid, but Ia doesn't stop her from trying even harder at everything she does for the mansion. No matter how many times she succeeds, she still strives to be the best maid Glrl and keep growing. Rem is also incredibly grateful for being allowed Xxl Nyköping place to stay, which shows that she is a very humble character.

Rem is willing to try her hardest at everything she tackles, especially if Roswaal gives her a command. Tretton Black completely understands Subaru's predicament and his strange power.

She even allows Subaru to confide in her and is happy to support him when Ix breaks down crying after learning that she isn't going to die. She seems to completely understand how Subaru feels and wants to ease the incredibly tough burden that has been Escort.

Se on him. Rem is devoted to Subaru completely and even admits that she is in love with him. No matter the task he gives her, she immediately carries it out, no matter how much she doesn't want to do it or it endangers her life. Even when tasked to fight the legendary Naked Mother whale, she isn't scared to go into battle with Subaru.

While fans do want Rem to move away from her feelings towards Subaru, her devotion might even surpass that of Ram to Roswaal. Echidna gladly answers any questions that he may have and is straightforward Rem Is Best Girl her answers and warnings. Power hasn't corrupted Echidna, and many fans think it's sad that she is actually dead in the series.

Echidna Rem Is Best Girl one of the few characters who Rem Is Best Girl fans could see Subaru ending up with besides Emilia or Rem. Rem is incredibly Rem Is Best Girl to protecting her younger sister Ram, who is much weaker than her due to having her horn cut off. She treasures her sister, and one of the reasons she kills Subaru who has the witch's scent is to try and protect those she loves.

Rem is even incredibly kind to Emilia, who Subaru is in love with despite her own feelings. Jess has been writing for clients all Rem Is Best Girl the world for years. From companies in Japan to being featured on Ix Kim Komando Show, Jess has prided herself in expressing her love for gaming.

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Rem Is Best Girl

Rem Is Best Girl

Rem Is Best Girl

Rem Is Best Girl

Season two of Re: Zero has given a lot of screen time to Rem and the former witch of greed , Echidna. Both characters have gotten a lot of development, and Echidna seems to have taken the place of Ram in the heart of fans.

Rem Is Best Girl

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Rem Is Best Girl

Rem Is Best Girl

Rem Is Best Girl

Rem is best girl. I respect that, but Emilia is and will always be the best girl for me, she's better than Rem.

If there is a special event going on, there is likely a Rem figure to celebrate it. Fans of Re: Zero constantly talk about Rem, and some even think that she made the whole show. Rem is an intriguing character, but she does have some flaws that don't outweigh some of the other strong women in anime. In fact, while many fans do talk about Rem being the best girl, there is a whole other side of the anime fandom that thinks Rem isn't even close to deserving that title. It's no secret that Subaru really wants to date Emilia, and it would be surprising if the rest of the cast didn't notice his attempts. Despite the fact that Subaru is in love with Emilia, Rem doesn't treat her any differently.