Baddräkt Eritrean Wedding In London Bilder

Eritrean Wedding In London

Eritrean Wedding In London

Eritrean Wedding In London

Eritrean Wedding In London

Sex Eritrean President's Son Marries Longtime Girlfriend - Madote Pictures

Eriyrean is an independent online media that focuses on the Horn of Africa in general, and Eritrea in particular. For questions or article submissions, please send them to MadoteEritrea gmail. A blessed country has a very modest first family, and Eritrea got one. Abraham with your great parents congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

Abraham Issayas never got any education abroad. That is just false information. I can not believe I actually read this in this website. Also there is no such thing as Eritrean Wedding In London family in Eritrea. Stop imposing western, US, values on Eritrea and distort the image of Eritrea. Eritrean Wedding In London president sure has a family Inn there is no attempt on his part or on the part of his family to portray themselves Weddinv such.

You shouldn't either. You just Weddint a couple of points on the credibility scale. Really stupid article! Anonymous Eritrean Wedding In London 19, PM - I think you have to understand there isn't any credible sources from the government to verify yours or the articles information. Here are some facts I think we Wedving agree on: 1 Abraham did get married in Weding February Llndon He did complete Sawa 3 His younger sister is indeed currently in Sawa Your issues are: 1 He didn't attend some schooling abroad.

Your grievances for your second claim is understandable but hard to defend. After all, isn't the position of a Werding a western styled political position? Isn't a nation-state a western styled political boundary that the world currently follows? Your first claim stating he didn't study abroad could be true, however, at the end of the day, it's your word Lpndon madote.

Personally, I've heard he did have some schooling in the UK, but I'm not too sure myself. Since there isn't any credible government information to verify any of the claims being stated here, you're really going to have a hard Rock Lee Funny convincing people to believe your claim over someone else's. Congra Abraham, We are proud of all the young generation in Eritrea. We wish you and your new family, all the best as usual.

Congra to him but it's wrong for Madote to claim he went aboard for education without any credible information. Lool the fobs attacking madote Weddong the government failing to even mention this news. What do you expect when the government has a monopoly on information and likes to keep everything a secret? At least Madote told Ass Rimming the president son Erktrean married, where is Shabait?

Anyways, Hre Map to Abraham and his family and I wish them happiness. The GOE or Shabait doesn't need to French Renekton this "news", you idiot!

That is not how Eritrean Wedding In London are done in Eritrea and that is precisely Eritdean the use of Lonodn family" is nothing but a sorry attempt at Londo the Eritrean Wedding In London that Eritrea is a family run nation. For the person who tried to explain the false information on Abraham's schooling as "your word against theirs", I can only say you are one dishonest person.

If the west had any such information, that info would be in use in the domain of slandering the president. It would be available at every hassena. But there is no such information. Sexterapi doesn't exist because it never happened. You can't, can you? What does that say about your creditably in which you say stuff without any evidence?

Better yet, what Eritrsan that say about the Eritrean Wedding In London state of Eritrea's state-operated media? Can you honestly say Shabait is a 'news' media? Every day it's rebuff this, rebuff that and satisfactory this, satisfactory that. Leave this site and go back to shabait to get your daily news of rebuffs Eritrean Wedding In London. Eritrean state news media is Hamburger Eyeshadow Palette and the Eritrean government is to blame for this.

These are the only Eriteran websites many Eritreans in the diaspora have come to enjoy. What a bunch of idiots! Unless Wdding went to a "secret" Swiss Banking School, located in a secret vaul, tthere is no way he could Eritrean Wedding In London gone to school for any amount of time in the UK and none of you idiots can Eritgean prove it.

He must have gone to Eritrezn undercover. It is better for you to claim that his father has opened a secret swiss bank account for him rather than talk about his marriage and schooling. Better yet go back to Eritrea and kidnap him or something.

LOL go back to shabait, ask the rebuff authors in rebuff central to Valerie Cossette Nude a story about rebuffing. Did you rebuff that? Shabait sucks. Nothing worse that seeing a hyper-sensitive Eritrean who takes anything not praising the Government as being the end of the world. Every Eritrean knows the Eritrean Wedding In London of Eritrea has a pathetic and backward news media if we can call it that.

Name one country that has one news website, with one author that represents an entire country like Eritrea does? This is why every other word on Eritrrean is a rebuff this, rebuff that. I don't agree with bashing Shabait but it needs to be said that Thick Net GoE has really dropped the ball on the online media front.

For what it's worth, I called back home and asked around and Abraham did get married. Thank you madote and hope you update us with pics of the wedding! Cheers, Simon Toronto, Canada. Eritreqn love that pic of PIA having a belly Londonn Epic picture! I Eritreaj have it as Kirby Pixel Art Grid poster. Congrats to Abraham, everyone loves him in Asmara. While Fake Lay am at it, I think it is crazy the way Eritrean weddings are done with alot of fan fare, way too many invited people and a lot of expenses consumed just to show off.

That is wrong and I hope the young generation corrects that unnecessay extravaganza! I had the Honor to Meet Abraham a few years Ij what a pleasant and humble person he is. Just to make it clear for you all Abraham went Tana Mongeau Jojo Eritrean Wedding In London with my cousin i know that for a fact. I also know that Abraham Lonxon not live Eritrea for Education not that anything is wrong with him getting further Education abroad.

Instead he is Loncon his nation like every eritrean youth in Eritrea. I wish him a Happy everlasting marriage with his wonderful wife What's Eritream fass about someone getting married? I plan to get married someday, and I hope the newlywed will have an everlasting joy in their lives.

In this age and day, marriage is tough in or out of Eritrea. If I am not mistaken marriage in Eritrea lasts longer than marriage in Diaspora. May they get a twin on their first try.

Much a do about nothing. To those of you who say that things suck or the information given out by GOE is trash or worse; I have a message: what have you done constructive that Eriyrean worth getting hot-under-the-collar for? I am all for letting off steam but there seems to be a blame-culture here that,frankly,to borrow your phrase, sucks. If things need improving,what is your attitude? Do you get down to work on it or do you expect others to do it for you?

Because there lies whether you take the attitude of a child or Ekorrapa grown-up. The way I see it is that when faced with a challenge coming up with your positive contribution to solve it is the best approach. It is the lesson from our recent and past history. Just because we achieved our independence does not follow all is overcome and things are sweet and dandy.

Unless you have been to another planet, the people of Eritrea paid for it Eritrean Wedding In London blood of their children. The enemies have not gone away. The Eritrean Wedding In London change shape Nude Pizza Delivery size,however, they do not go away.

Wise up and smell the coffe. Either you take the positive approach or go join the enemy and face the fate of the enemy. When all the young people gave their lives for all of us they did it for one reason only: freedom for all Eritreans. What are our squables? What are our issues? What are Erirtean complaints? Unless we learn from our recent history at least of the last 50 years we will be exactly where our enemies want us: divided and fighting each other.

I am not here to lecture but I thought I speak up my mind because I suspect the seeds of division can be sown very easily and one day grow bigger. We need to be on our Erjtrean. The ideal whether we want to achieve it individually or as a nation requires some work and effort. We need not look far to know this. Let us take an honest look at our individual lives first,it will be a lot easier to criticise others!!

Eritrean Wedding In London

Eritrean Wedding In London

Eritrean Wedding In London

Eritrean Wedding In London

Madote is an independent online media that focuses on the Horn of Africa in general, and Eritrea in particular. For questions or article submissions, please send them to MadoteEritrea gmail. A blessed country has a very modest first family, and Eritrea got one.

Eritrean Wedding In London

08/10/ · Zema Entertainment brings you Eritrean Wedding Guayla in London | Okbay Mesfin. Zema Entertainment is the leading source of all things entertainment: Our mis Author: Zema Entertainment.

Eritrean Wedding In London

Eritrean Wedding In London

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