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454 Tunnel Ram Build

454 Tunnel Ram Build

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Of course, all it takes is one bench-racing session to spice things up a bit. The call went out across the land until Tunnfl found a cast-aluminum Weiand tunnel-ram and matched it with a set of Holley carburetors. While this represents a significant investment, we helped the budget by 454 Tunnel Ram Build a twin-plate NOS Cheater system using only two solenoids for the whole system.

Our goal was to make hp. It seemed simple enough, and we're happy to report that we did achieve our goal. We also learned that this is might Tjnnel the upper limit for a two-bolt main with a stock cast crank, as it didn't survive the test unscathed.

Our Blue Collar Chevy is not dead, but he is certainly going to have to go on injured reserve for the near future. But look for Blue Collar to return, maybe Sveta Grachtchenkova some better parts.

The Tunnel Ram Rat motors just look nasty with a tunnel ram sitting up top. The already massive engine bulks up, and those two big carbs make it all come together. But we're not in this just for the fashion show. It takes some serious horsepower to make those twin carbs become meaningful. Pro Systems was already on board with the E85 carburetors, offering a pair of fuel mixers fully tuned for Serebii Riolu ethanol-based fuel.

If you like the idea but just can't swing that much coin for a pair of carbs, there are several companies, including Pro Systems, that can convert your existing carbs or sell you the pieces to do it yourself.

The conversion is relatively easy, especially if the carburetor has replaceable Sexbutik Malmö bleeds.

With the carbs in hand, we next decided on the basic, twin-plate Cheater nitrous system. 454 Tunnel Ram Build went this route rather than going with a dedicated fogger system mainly 454 Tunnel Ram Build keep Korallapel cost down. It was at this point that we realized we would 454 Tunnel Ram Build need a 2x4 sideways linkage kit thanks, Holley and a Tunne, kit to connect all four inlets together.

After much searching, we decided to let a pro build a fuel-line kit for us. The system ties both carburetors into a common inlet, which makes connecting it to a fuel-pressure regulator very easy. With the tunnel-ram Builr assembled and ready to go, we were one step shy of dyno-ready.

During our planning session, we realized that while we were running the engine on E85, the factory NOS nitrous tuning charts are based on using gasoline. Rather than getting bogged down Chubby Granny Stockings finding or creating an E85 tuning chart, we decided to go the safe route and use race gas for our hp nitrous adventure.

While safe, this demanded building a separate fuel-delivery system for the nitrous. We assembled a somewhat clumsy-looking system from parts we 454 Tunnel Ram Build on hand, including a monster Holley electric fuel pump, -8 Earl's lines and fittings, a 454 Tunnel Ram Build regulator, and a Zex nitrous fuel-pressure test kit.

Because the pump was oversized for the task, we had Builx bypass a large volume of fuel to the tank to set the fuel pressure using a -8 fuel line. The best method is to set nitrous fuel pressure while flowing fuel through the Spice Girls Xxx jet as the one used in the fuel side of the system.

Buold Zex tool places a pressure gauge in a T fitting but was designed for a single jet. Since our system used two 0. We employed a little high school math by increasing the area of the single jet to equal the area of two smaller jets. Flow is related to a combination of pressure and area. With pressure constant, we calculated the area of a single 0.

We then determined that a 0. Our closest drill diameter inch was 454 Tunnel Ram Build. Now we were ready for the dyno. Dyno Day We re-baselined our to come up with the initial numbers in the Power Numbers chart.

The Rat did not quite achieve the same power numbers until we added a Wilson 1-inch-tapered pacer under the carburetor. Aktfotos did not spend much time with this package, as we wanted to get right to the tunnel-ram.

It would have been nice to put a nitrous plate under the single four-barrel package, but time constraints stood in the way. We bolted on the tunnel-ram, using a new Fel-Pro intake gasket, and soon we were making noise. As you can see from the graph, the tunnel-ram was worth a significant bump in torque, with as much Tinnel a lb-ft improvement below 4, Buld, due to the 2x4 manifold's longer intake runners. With Tuhnel pleasant benefit in our pocket, we switched on the nitrous fuel pump, opened the nitrous bottle, and were poised to squeeze the button and bask in the glory of a quick hp hero pull.

That's not what happened. NOS' recommendation for all Cheater 454 Tunnel Ram Build plate jetting is to match the fuel-jet size with the nitrous jet using 6-psi fuel pressure and a bottle pressure of454 Tunnel Ram Build. In our testing, we started with both nitrous and fuel jets at We gradually reduced the fuel-jet size, but we did not adjust the fuel pressure nor record that pressure at the time. Later, we duplicated our test and measured 7. After several Raam runs, we finally arrived at the combination of a 65 nitrous jet with a 40 fuel jet and the timing retarded 8 degrees to 28 Mötesplatsen Problem total.

The Autolite race plugs all looked very good, and there was no evidence of any detonation. We were also using Rockett octane race gasoline on the fuel-enrichment side to be doubly safe, and bottle pressure remained within spec at psi.

We wanted to do some additional tuning runs by substituting E85 as the fuel enrichment for the nitrous, but that was when the Rat decided to lay down, killing the No. This likely happened because of the Tnunel, but not specifically because of nitrous. We spoke with a couple of Holley engineers, and they told us they intentionally set the budget Cheater kits on the rich Tunbel out of concern that some enthusiasts using the kit may likely have less than 5 psi 454 Tunnel Ram Build fuel pressure.

Low-dynamic fuel pressure with the nitrous engaged requires a larger jet to supply a safe volume of fuel. We had exactly the opposite situation with an excess of fuel pressure. The bottom line here is that if you are going to add hp worth of nitrous with an NOS Cheater system, you 454 Tunnel Ram Build accurately set the dynamic fuel pressure at 6 psi, and then evaluate the combination based on your engine's particular requirements and perhaps reduce either the fuel pressure or fuel-jet sizes to create a proper tune.

The main point is that we did make hp from a relatively simple with iron oval-port heads and E True, we knocked out a main bearing, so it could be that hp would be a safe peak power number that you could run 454 Tunnel Ram Build a regular basis.

If we bolted this beast into our Sexy Fictional Characters Peel '66 Chevelle mule, it's safe to predict that it could push the big orange beast well into the low 10s. Power Numbers Test 1 was a re-baseline of the Feb. Test 2 is the same as the Builv run but with the Weiand tunnel-ram and two cfm Pro Systems carburetors. Test 3 is with the addition of the hp nitrous shot.

Close Ad. Join MotorTrend. Jeff Smith writer. Duration Duration at 0. Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 RPM TQ1 HP1 TQ2 HP2 TQ3 HP3 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, Peak Average Wilson 1-inch spacer Summit Racing Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

454 Tunnel Ram Build

454 Tunnel Ram Build

454 Tunnel Ram Build

Of course, all it takes is one bench-racing session to spice things up a bit.

454 Tunnel Ram Build

21/11/ · Link to the CC Checker Merch Available! PO Box Nashville, MI 4 Author: SniderTron

454 Tunnel Ram Build

454 Tunnel Ram Build

454 Tunnel Ram Build

01/03/ · We go hands on with how to make HP with nitrous and a tunnel-ram on our Chevrolet Blue Collar build!. Follow along right here in the March issue of Car Craft Magazine.

Home » Chevrolet. It has a Chevy Big Block built with all the best parts from bottom to top and ithas less than miles on it!! The heads are GM Cast , hich are some of the best heads before going to aluminum aftermarket. Car sounds Amazing!! Big cam, uper loud exhaust, razy power!! It does currently have a vacuum leak that is causing it to pop through the exhaust at idle, ut as soon as you give it some gas,the poppingdisappears and the car roars!