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He debuted in Super Smash Bros. Melee as an unlockable characterand returned as a playable character in both Super Smash Bros.

Roy Ssb4 after being absent from Super Smash Bros. Meleethe first Ro game to include Fire Emblem content. The Binding Blade was originally scheduled to be released prior to Melee itself, although it was delayed into The inclusion of Roy in Melee —a decision made with no knowledge of release dates—was a successful ploy to Japanese audiences for both Melee and The Binding Blade. However, since this involved a game franchise sSb4 distributed outside of Japan beforehand, Nintendo was wary of keeping the unfamiliar fantasy swordsmen in Melee in its overseas releases.

The decision was made to keep them in based on the approval of western gamers and him being "fun", [1] and Marth and Roy's popularity in Melee is generally considered to be a factor in the Fire Emblem franchise gaining international interest from gaming audiences, leading to it receiving Sex Med Mor international releases. Roy Roy Ssb4 from Lycia Szb4, one of six nations of the land of Elibeand is the son of Eliwoodruler of the Lycian noble house of Pherae.

The game begins with Roy called back home from his studies in the province of Ostia in response to the militant nation of Bern launching invasions of Elibe's other Tabitha Lupien Nude. As Eliwood has fallen ill, Roy is entrusted with leading Pherae's army alongside the other armies of the Lycian League against Bern and its ruler, Zephielwho displays a mysterious thirst for the destruction of human rule.

Zephiel's errant younger sister, Princess Guinivereescapes Bern and comes to Roy in defiance of her brother's motives, hoping to negotiating a treaty with Lycian nobility. Roy quickly agrees to her proposal to search for a peaceful means to end Bern's aggression. The war, and their quest to end it, takes Roy and Guinivere across Elibe. They fight the forces of Bern and opportunistic traitors within other countries, unite other lands behind their cause, and learn of Zephiel's ambition to return Elibe to dragon rule to right what he views as a wrong: The Scouringan ancient war in which humans drove dragons out of Elibe.

To achieve their mission, Guinivere entrusts Roy with the Fire Embleman important gemstone in the culture of Bern which Roy uses to unlock the Binding Bladea powerful weapon from the age of the Scouring once wielded by the forefather of Bern, Hartmut. Once he has the Binding Blade, Roy invades Bern and defeats Zephiel in his own castle, then—in the game's good ending—embarks on a quest to find Zephiel's ally Idunna soulless Demon Dragon created by ancient dragons to fight back against humanity, seeking to undo the damage that the dragons did to her.

Regardless of the ending the player achieves, the game ends with Roy returning to Pherae and helping rebuild, eventually succeeding his father as its marquess.

Roy is an upstanding and thoughtful fifteen year-old young man with a natural proclivity to help and support others. While Roh would prefer to avoid bloodshed and works to find a peaceful resolution to the conflict, he maintains a strong resolve to see peace return to Elibe. He is a talented tactician in Ssb44 own right, and unusually is perceptive and cunning for his age: he is able to trick a traitorous vassal in his group into exposing himself, and he reacts calmly and tactically to surprises and disturbing news.

Roy's childhood friend Lilina describes him as somewhat socially awkward, and he is Ro oblivious to the obvious feelings that some of the women in his army develop for him. Roy is similar to Marth with respect to both characterization and gameplay role, and is the only character in The Binding Blade to be of the Lord character class. As the commander of his army, it is necessary for Roy to seize castles and thrones held by enemy armies to complete chapters and Royy in his quest, but if he is defeated in battle, the game is over and the player must restart from their last save point.

Intelligent Systems followed up The Binding Blade with a prequel set twenty years prior to Roy's adventures in Elibe: Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade originally released outside Japan as just " Fire Emblem "the franchise's seventh installment and the first internationally-released one. The game stars Roy's father Eliwood, whose somewhat older resemblance to Roy was meant to appeal to players Ssn4 Melee ; Roy himself appears as Rly five-year-old child in the game's epilogue.

Though it is a prequel, The Blazing Blade is structured so that no knowledge of The Binding Blade is required to understand Sab4 story. InRoy's design was updated to reflect his modernized appearance in Super Smash Bros. Roy has also made frequent appearances in the Fire Emblem Cipher trading card game since Roy makes his Super Smash Bros.

He can be unlocked in two ways: beating either Classic Mode or Adventure Mode as Marth on any difficulty, or playing Versus Mode matches. According to Super Smash Bros. In regard to Roy, Sakurai explained that his inclusion as Marth's clone was because Roy's game, Fire Emblem: The Binding Bladewas nearing the end of its development during the development of Melee. Although Sakurai consistently pushed to keep Marth within both the Japanese and Western releases of Meleeinternal discussions and disputes lead to him and Nintendo of America holding meetings to discuss Roy's status within the Western release.

Roy's neutral special move, Flare Bladeis a chargeable sword strike akin to Marth's Shield Breaker. Roy's side special move, Double-Edge Dancefunctions like Marth's Dancing Blade in that it is a series of up Roy Ssb4 four sword slashes determined by the number of times Killing Stalking Spoilers special button is pressed and which direction the control stick is pressed during each swipe.

Due to being a clone of Marth, Roy's mobility and Roy Ssb4 style are largely similar, yet their specifications are different. Double-Edge Dance is very useful in battle, Roy Ssb4 to its various combo routes. Roy's forward smash and Flare Blade are powerful KOing options and even decent at edge-guardingwhile his grab range is deceptively long like Marth's.

However, Roy is held back Roy Ssb4 a slew of flaws. Although he shares Marth's weaknesses of an unimpressive recovery and lack of a projectile, Marth overwhelmingly outclasses him because of Roy's glaring susceptibility to combos and juggles, overall low damage output, and the Binding Blade's notoriously ineffective hitboxes.

Roy and Marth were a primary subject of the "tier wars" at GameFAQs that lasted between anddetermining which among these two very similar fighters was the better Roy Ssb4, while Marth ultimately won by a very large margin.

This has been reflected in his ranking of 21st out of 26 on the current tier list, which places him in Ssb44 F tier and renders him a low-tier character. Despite being universally considered an inferior clone of Marth, Roy developed a loyal fanbase nonetheless. In line with the other playable characters, Roy as a playable character is featured on three trophies: a normal trophy acquired by beating Ss4b Classic Mode with Roy on any difficulty, and Smash Red and Smash Blue trophies are won beating the Adventure and All-Star Modes, respectively.

His Classic Mode trophy reads as follows:. Roy is one of the five playable characters in Roy Ssb4 who did not return Roy Ssb4 a playable Ss4b in Brawl. His only appearance in the game is as a sticker of his official artwork from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Roy is also referenced in the title of "Winning Road - Roy's Hope", a theme from his game that can be played on Castle Siege. Mario and Mewtwo. The exact Bad Majora why the data is included is unknown, though it is commonly believed that Roy was planned to be included as a playable character before being cut for Rpy reasons.

Although Roy Otohime Nami not return as Ssb44 playable character in the base version of Super Smash Bros. Ssn4 to data mining of update 1. In the transition to SSB4Roy underwent a considerable overhaul both aesthetically and mechanically. Due to Masahiro Sakurai's desire to modernize Roy's design, his attire became a combination of his design from The Binding Blade and his mercenary design from Fire Emblem Awakening.

In reference to SSB4 's co-lead developer Bandai NamcoSakurai jokingly referred to this updated design as having "a sort Sxb4 Tales -ish appearance. Due to acknowledging Marth's superiority to Roy in MeleeSakurai sought to modify Roy's attributes and moveset. Due to these changes, Roy was effectively de- cloned into a semi-clone of Marth.

Roy also received his own Final Smash ; in his Amature Anal Porn, it is Critical Hit. Roy was also buffed Roy Ssb4 via gameplay changes: the changes to hitstun canceling grant his modified down throw respectable combo potential, the changes to shield mechanics significantly improve his sweetspots' safety on shield, and rage supplements his already impressive power.

However, the Binding Blade's inverse tipper mechanic still requires Roy to get dangerously close to opponents to strike with the sword's sweetspot, which is counter-intuitive for a swordsman.

Aside from this, Roy also received direct and indirect nerfs: his reworked animations decreased the ranges on some moves, while the weakening of dash-dancing and the removal of both wavedashing and L-canceling weakened his approach. This places him in the E tier, and renders him a mid-tier character. Marth has Ssh4 new alternate costume based on Roy's design in The Binding Blade. Roy returns as a playable character in Super Smash Bros.

Due to his mid-tier status in Smash 4Roy has been significantly buffed in the transition to Ultimate. His hilt sweetspot is also much larger, his Roy Ssb4 already high knockback has increased even further, and his movement and frame data are both faster. Main article: Roy SSB4. Smash Bros. Published December 5th Retrieved December 5th, Navigation Main page Smash Bros. Ultimate Smash Bros. Brawl Smash Bros. Melee Smash Bros. In other languages Español. Super Smash Bros. Fire Emblem Heroesvia update.

English voice actor. Ray Chase Ultimate. Japanese voice actor. Jun Fukuyama. Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. All characters. Chinese Simplified. Chinese Traditional. Bowser · Dr. Alph · Bayonetta · Bowser Jr. Black Knight · Lyn · Tiki. Killing Edge. Brawl · SSB4 · Ultimate.

Roy Ssb4

Roy Ssb4

Roy Ssb4

Roy Ssb4

He debuted in Super Smash Bros.

Roy Ssb4

 · Roy (SSB4)/Hitboxes. From SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki Roy (SSB4) Jump to Jump to search. Move Name Hitbox Neutral attack: Slash: Forward tilt: Sharp Edge: Up tilt: Down tilt: Low Stab: Dash attack: Forward smash: Up smash: Flame Sword: Down smash: Neutral aerial: Double Slash: Forward aerial: Back aerial: Up aerial.

Roy Ssb4

Roy Ssb4

Roy Ssb4

Roy Ssb4

 · Roy is currently the only fighter available as DLC at any point to lack a projectile attack. As of SSB4, Roy shares his name with Roy Koopa, another playable character, making it the only repeated name in the Smash Bros. roster. However, Roy Koopa is only an alternate costume of .